Eric Poland is a Birmingham contemporary abstract illustrator with a focus on local architecture and nature. His artistic inspiration began as a child that he enjoyed drawing still life and landscapes. Now his primary inspiration comes from the buildings of the newly awakening city of Birmingham. His art is characterized by vivid colors, contrasting lines, and the abstraction of reality.

He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Montevallo in 2006. His senior art show concentrated more on editorial illustration, which used a combination of both hand drawn and computer illustration. This style is indicative of what he is creating now.


4/2016                    Montevallo Arts Festival                   Montevallo, AL

9/2016                    Birmingham Artwalk                        Birmingham, AL

10/2016                  Montevallo Artwalk                           Montevallo, AL

10-11/2016            Hoover Public Library                       Hoover, AL

4/2017                   Gumbo Gala                                          Birmingham, AL

4/2017                   Magic City Art Connection                 Birmingham, AL

7/2017                   Crestwood Coffee                                 Birmingham, AL

9/2017                   Birmingham Artwalk                          Birmingham, AL

10/2017                 Montevallo Artwalk                            Montevallo, AL

11/2017                 Moss Rock Festival                              Hoover, AL

12-2/2018              UAB Edge of Chaos                             Birmingham, AL

2/2018                   The Abbey                                                    Birmingham, AL

4/2018                   Magic City Art Connection                 Birmingham, AL


2019                         Four Seasons Gallery                           Homewood, AL

2020                         Artist Incorporated                                Leeds, AL